Weekly meal prep
for busy families
in your home
from personal chefs.
Our professional chefs
plan your menu
do your shopping
cook your meals
clean your kitchen
stock your refrigerator
with a week's worth
of healthy premade meals
customized to your tastes.
We cook from scratch
with fresh ingredients.
The ultimate time saver
Better than meal delivery
More affordable than restaurants

Welcome Friends!

Friend That Cooks personal chefs in St. Louis offer weekly meal prep, cooking lessons, wine dinners and parties in the homes of our clients. Our talented chefs cook from scratch and utilize techniques from many different ethnic cuisines. We charge a reasonable hourly rate and our clients, who we affectionately call our "Friends", are responsible for the cost of groceries. Our weekly prepared meal service is the most affordable cooking service of it's kind in the entire metro.

Our locally recruited personal chefs can prepare meals to fit any special diet including Paleo, diabetic, heart healthy, vegetarian, vegan. We can also accomodate any food allergy. We have Friends that use our cooking service for many reasons from health and fitness to saving time. Healthy prepared meals that meet any dietary restriction cost nothing extra with Friend That Cooks. We use local ingredients whenever possible, and we welcome our Friends to join CSAs or buy directly from local farms. We will incorporate any ingredients our clients already have into their menu. We also love to shop wherever our clients do and work to save you money on groceries.

Weekly Meal Prep

Weekly meal prep is the most popular service Friend That Cooks Personal Chefs offer. It's what we do better, and more affordably than anyone else.

What is Weekly Meal Prep?

With Friend That Cooks weekly meal prep service, one of our talented chefs will come to your home for a half day every week to shop, cook, clean up and stock your refrigerator with a week's worth of healthy premade meals to reheat.

We do not have set packages or a limited menu to select from like other personal chef and meal delivery services. Each family gets to decide how many portions they need to make it through the week. They are welcome to change that amount week to week, or even take the occasional week off for vacation if necessary. We have no contracts.

Our chefs create menus to fit each family's specific preferences and dietary needs. In addition to having huge ethnic food repertoires, our personal chefs are skilled at cooking for special diets of all types. Are you eating Paleo? No problem, no extra charge. Are you diabetic and need help controlling your diet? No problem, no extra charge. Need low sodium, fat, sugar or carb? Food allergies? Vegetarian or vegan? Athlete in training? Busy mom? Just want scratch made, healthy prepared meals? Our personal chefs will create menus on the spot, on the day of service, based on your personal tastes and needs. You'll love the ease and enjoy making a new Friend That Cooks.

If you are gift shopping for a friend or loved one, a Friend That Cooks weekly meal prep gift certificate makes a unique and impressive present. Our gift certificates are great for new mother's, holidays, anniversaries, birthdays and surgery recovery.

What does weekly meal prep cost?

Friend That Cooks weekly meal prep is the most affordable service of its kind and charged at our basic rate of $37 per hour, plus the cost of groceries.

The average Friend That Cooks family spends $130 to $185 per week plus groceries, depending on the size of the family and other choices made.

Ultimately, our Friends have a lot of control over what our weekly meal prep service costs. Our chefs work directly with each client to tailor our service to their budget. It's service that is truly like having a Friend That Cooks.

Cooking Lessons

Cooking lessons can be for groups or individuals. A Friend That Cooks group cooking lesson is like hosting a live cooking show right in your home.

cooking lessons picture

How much does a cooking lesson cost?

While cooking lessons vary in length, the average group cooking lesson for 8 people uses around 6 hours of service including planning, shopping, cooking and clean up of four courses. Friend That Cooks charges our prime rate, $49 per hour for cooking lessons, and you cover the cost of the groceries. That brings the average cost of a group cooking lesson with one of our personal chefs to $300 plus groceries. Your actual price will depend on the time used and the cost of your ingredients at the grocery store.

Individual cooking lessons take half the time and average around $180 plus groceries.

Friend That Cooks cooking lessons are a great value. You get to drink your own wine or soft beverage, bring your own beer, and prices don't go up exponentially when you want to use a premium ingredient like lobster or filet of tenderloin. More importantly, you don't have to drive home. You're already there! Cover the cost of the groceries and pay a reasonable hourly rate to your Friend That Cooks. We'll do the rest. Simple, easy, entertaining.

Parties and Wine Dinners

If you have a kitchen, we have a better way to host a party.

With a Friend That Cooks personal chef, you can get a much better value for your party or wine dinner than you can hiring a caterer. Rather than buying food, marking it up 400-500% and selling it back to you as caterers do, Friend That Cooks personal chefs buy your food ingredients at the grocery store with your money, then charge you a simple hourly rate for their time to plan, shop, cook and clean up. It's a much more tranparent and fair way to get food for your event.

We use your kitchen, serving supplies and equipment (we'll bring any special cooking equipment), and save you the extra markup from a caterer.

private dinners picture

How much does a Private Dinner cost?

Parties, wine dinners and other events through Friend That Cooks are billed at our prime rate of $49 per hour in St. Louis.

The average dinner party for eight people uses around 6 hours of service time, or $300, plus the cost of groceries. You pay for the actual time used which will vary based on your guest count and the complexity of your menu.

Let us cook for your next party! Our highly skilled chefs can customize a menu to fit any theme, any size, any budget. All you need is a kitchen! Whether you are hosting family to celebrate a special birthday, or friends to sample the latest from your personal wine cellar, we can help make the day special and memorable.


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